One Wild Life – a new book about social entrepreneurs

To celebrate the launch of One Wild Life, Clare Mulvaney's book which tells the amazing stories of social entrepreneurs, a launch party is being held on Friday 17th April, 8pm in Odessa Club, Dublin 2.

Clare book 2
Clare is another inspiring social entrepreneur and she'd really appreciate all the support she can get so if you'd like to go along just post a comment below and I'll forward it to Clare to have you added to the guest list and receive a proper invitation. 

Books will be on the shelves late next week and I've already added a copy to my Amazon wish list.

On her Social Entrepreneurs Ireland profile Clare says – "I want to see an Ireland in which young people are given the chance to more fully participate in creating their own future. Also a society in which more people, exercising their personal leadership, look for ways in which they can effect positive change in society and actualize their ideas.”

For eleven months in 2006/07 Clare travelled the globe interviewing people who change our world about their life stories. Through a book, interactive website and tour of universities around Ireland, Clare aims the share the stories of global social innovators as well as individuals in Ireland who are daring to make a difference.
The project is specifically focused on helping college students and recent graduates use their talents and passions to effect social change. By understanding how these social innovators have chosen to live their own One Wild Life, she hopes to help other people define theirs.
One Wild Life takes its title from the poetry of Mary Oliver, ‘So tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life’.


3 Responses to “One Wild Life – a new book about social entrepreneurs”

  1. Joe Says:

    Sounds like a really interesting event James – will you make it up to Dublin for it?

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it Joe. Will you be going along yourself?

  3. James Says:

    Hi James –
    I’d love an invite (for two) if possible.
    with thanks

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