Solo working need not be working solo

Vicky O'Connor from Tralee was one of the most interesting people I met at Bizcamp Limerick a few weeks ago. Founder of Cuile Virtual Administration Services she's a “Virtual Administrator who partners with start-up and small business owners to help them manage their daily administration duties while they can spend time building their business.” 

I found the chat with Vicky particularly fascinating because of the synergy I see between the delivery of virtual administration services and the concepts of hotdesking and coworking. As she explains on her own blog -

"For the VAs who work in seclusion, in their own office, these concepts could be of benefit to them, of course they would need to have a laptop, even if it was just for one day a week or month it would get them out and working in a different environment and share time with others."

And I don't see why that meeting place can't be the local community or parish hall, shared with other entrepreneurs. As I wrote on Nomadesk

"Freelancers and entrepreneurs providing and consuming services in a densely interconnected and localized ecosystem could lead to the rise of the eCottage – ‘cottage industry’ for the 21st Century."

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