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New 3Dcamp talks: IBM, interactive art, DIY multi-touch haptics, teaching with Lego robotics

May 29, 2009

The 3Dcamp site has more details now on 4 more great talks coming up on June 6th in University of Limerick. This is shaping into a really great event and you can still register (for free).

  • Joanned Stanley from the IBM Innovation Centre on INNOV8
  • Stephen Howell – Developing Interactive Art with Processing
  • Brett Lawless – DIY Multi-Touch Haptic Interfaces
  • David Higgins – Teaching with Lego Robotics 

Get the details at the site.

Bytes ‘n Pieces

May 23, 2009
(1) I missed the Tuesday Push this week, which was for Robin Blandford's Decisions for Heroes. Whether it was the push or Robin's excellent press release the Dublin-based startup is getting lots of excellent coverage including from the Irish Times. I have no doubt that these guys are going to go very, very far.

(2) Limerick's Greenhouse Incubator is holding a Blogging and Social Media for Business seminar on June 13th 2009

(3) Howard Rheingold has never been to Dublin and is looking for a speaking invitation. Please someone give him one.

(4) The Irish Learning Technology Association held 'EdTech 2009 – the Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference in Dublin this week and I was sorry to miss it. But the Twitter stream for the event was an excellent substitute for being there. And also a terrific way of discovering and networking interesting Irish educators. Eugene O'Loughlin and Bernie Goldbach have extended reports.

3D animation, robotics, wii-mote hackery and more for 3Dcamp

May 22, 2009

I wrote previously about the presentations to be given by Mark Campbell - “3D: Learning for Life Sciences” and Ronan Skehill - “The Consequences of Locating Stuff” at upcoming 3Dcamp in University of Limerick. You can register to attend (free of charge) here.

And now further interesting talks have been registered, including –

1. Gavin Duffy - Using gaming technology to help archaeologists re-create Irelands ancient Christian sites

Last summer RTE requested the assistance of RealSIM to help them re-create 3 Irish ancient Christian sites they were to profile for a new 2 part documentary series called ‘Secrets of the Stones’. Remains from the sites and evidence as to how they may have looked ranged from very little to moderate. The comnplexity of the reconstructed buildings ranged from simple wooden huts to complex Romanesque Cistercian Abbeys. This talk will show how the interactive and immersive 3d experience helped the iterative site re-creation process and will show how our ancestors lived from the 5th to 12th centuries.

2. Alan O’Brien - “Google Sketchup”

Alan O’Brien of Viewsion - Irelands first Google Accredited Training centre for SketchUp – will give a general presentation on sketchup and how it can be applied to many different disiplines, including some upcoming community projects

3. David McKeown - “Wiimote interfacing and looking stupid while controlling a robot”.

Founder of and with a background in Mechanical Engineering David will speak about controlling Google Earth, CAD software, e.t.c., with a wiimote wand.

4. Stephen Howell – various talks and workshops

Stephen Howell is a Lecturer in Computing at I.T. Tallaght and he, and a few of his students, will deliver talks and workshops on topics such as programming inProcessing, thematic cartography development, wiimote hacks, DIY touch screen hacks, lego programming, XNA development and camera based game interactions.

5.  Carlo Maiolini - AVATAR: a 3d museum exhibit

“Avatar” is a peculiar experiment of virtual exhibition about virtual worlds. It aims to foster a discussion on the social and cultural implications of these three dimensional worlds in the general public. A video will be shown to illustrate the format and the experience that the “Avatar” exhibition offered to the visitors. It will follow a brief talk by the curator reporting about the reactions from the audience to the use of real time 3D for this museum exhibit.

3Dcamp 6th June – new talks registered

May 19, 2009

Two new interesting talks have been registered for 3Dcamp on June 6th at University of Limerick –

  • Mark Campbell is Creative Director at eMedia. eMedia is a Galway-based, award-winning, 3D multimedia production company specialising in 3D Medical animations and eLearning for Life Science Organisations.In his presentation – 3D: Learning for Life Sciences – Mark will showcase examples of their work to date as well as talk a little about the current R&D activities in eMedia. The talk should be last approx. 20 mins with 10 mins for Q&A afterwards. You can follow Mark on Twitter here

  • Ronan Skehill is the founder of Launched in 2008, YourPinPoints is an online service that looks up a business name, address or place and sends the location to a smartphone on any network.Location Based Services today represent only the beginning of a series of technological innovations that can potentially impact society in many ways at various scales, ranging from new modes of business operations to the possible invasion of personal privacy. In his talk - The Consequences of Locating Stuff - Ronan will discuss these issues. You can follow Ronan on Twitter here.  

Remember, 3Dcamp is a free event so register to attend today!

Report from ICT in Education at Tipperary Institute

May 18, 2009

Last Saturday I attended the ICT in Education conference at Tipperary Institute for my first time and have to say it was one of the best events I've been to in a long time. We – Daynuv – were there primarily to provide virtual presence for Daithi O'Murchu's keynote address but I thoroughly enjoyed all the talks and workshops I attended, in particular those dealing with introductory programming options for children. Indeed the Scratch workshop with John Hartery was a highlight for me —

"It was clear after 5 minutes that John is a gifted teacher as he had every attendee happily programming the cutesy Scratch mascot to jump and dance across the screen in response to various keyboard and mouse inputs. I was genuinely blown away by the capabilities of this application and started day-dreaming about the difference it could have made to my path through 3rd level education.
In CBS Tramore John uses Scratch as in introduction to programming and then progresses to Alice followed by BlueJ, the common denominator again being the emphasis on visual development environments. For anyone wishing to investigate further John has kindly published his course notes on Moodle."

Read the full report here.

ICT in Education conference this Saturday at Tipperary Institutue

May 11, 2009

I'll be attending the ICT in Education conference at Tipperary Institute this Saturday 16th May and look forward to hearing some great talks and meeting really interesting people. Check out the full programme to see the full list of talks and workshops.

3Dcamp returning to University of Limerick on 6th June

May 5, 2009

Last year, 3Dcamp received words of appreciation from the majority of participants. Good talks, a relaxed atmosphere, generous sponsors and an interested crowd. We even managed to have gorgeous weather! We missed only one small detail: 24 May 2008 was the day of the Heineken cup final, and Limerick became a sort of rugby Mecca…

This year we've picked up a date in June, to avoid competing with other events: 6th of June 2009.

Same venue: the Engineering Research Building at the University of Limerick.

3Dcamp is a themed Barcamp which will focus on Presence – both virtual and mobile. In other words - 

  • virtual worlds (Second Life, Opensim, the Metaverse),
  • mirror worlds (Google Earth and Virtual Earth),
  • 3D modelling (Blender, Sketchup),
  • mapping mashups, GPS,
  • location based services (LBSs),
  • haptics, augmented toys (eg. Wiimote hacks, Nabaztag),
  • ambient intelligence,
  • interactive art installations
  • …and all things 3D.

Essentially, the internet beyond the 2D browser.

Everybody is welcome, from users to entrepreneurs, developers, interaction designers, sociologists, artists and business people. And attendance is free of charge.

As there are only 4 weeks left until the event, we need all your support in getting the word out there!

We'll use the #3Dcamp hashtag on Twitter. We also have a Twitter account - make sure you follow us!

More to come in the following days…

The Arthur Guinness Fund for Social Entrepreneurs

May 2, 2009

This week Guinness announced the setting up of the Arthur Guinness Fund (AGF) as a part of the celebrations to mark the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Guinness lease at St. James’s Gate (you may have seen some of the ads on TV over the last couple of days). The fund builds on the philanthropic legacy of the Guinness family and aims to raise up to €2.5m over the coming months. The exciting news from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland’s perspective is that the fund will be specifically targeted at social entrepreneurs, and aims to support 25 social entrepreneurs throughout the island of Ireland over the next two years. This is huge boost for social entrepreneurship, both in terms of additional funding for the sector and in terms of increased profile for social entrepreneurs.


In setting up the fund Guinness were conscious of the need to ensure that the entry criteria, selection process and support programme were targeted, effective, efficient and impactful. They therefore approached Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, as one of the experts in the sector, to help them design and run the selection and support programme for the fund. Sean Coughlan, CEO of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland said, "We were delighted to support Guinness believing, as we do, that this initiative could have a very significant impact for social entrepreneurs and the communities they support and have agreed to be their partner in the development of the fund."


Further information on the fund can be found on the Guinness website. Full details of the entry criteria and application process will be made available within the coming months.