3D animation, robotics, wii-mote hackery and more for 3Dcamp

I wrote previously about the presentations to be given by Mark Campbell - “3D: Learning for Life Sciences” and Ronan Skehill - “The Consequences of Locating Stuff” at upcoming 3Dcamp in University of Limerick. You can register to attend (free of charge) here.

And now further interesting talks have been registered, including –

1. Gavin Duffy - Using gaming technology to help archaeologists re-create Irelands ancient Christian sites

Last summer RTE requested the assistance of RealSIM to help them re-create 3 Irish ancient Christian sites they were to profile for a new 2 part documentary series called ‘Secrets of the Stones’. Remains from the sites and evidence as to how they may have looked ranged from very little to moderate. The comnplexity of the reconstructed buildings ranged from simple wooden huts to complex Romanesque Cistercian Abbeys. This talk will show how the interactive and immersive 3d experience helped the iterative site re-creation process and will show how our ancestors lived from the 5th to 12th centuries.

2. Alan O’Brien - “Google Sketchup”

Alan O’Brien of Viewsion - Irelands first Google Accredited Training centre for SketchUp – will give a general presentation on sketchup and how it can be applied to many different disiplines, including some upcoming community projects

3. David McKeown - “Wiimote interfacing and looking stupid while controlling a robot”.

Founder of Robots.ie and with a background in Mechanical Engineering David will speak about controlling Google Earth, CAD software, e.t.c., with a wiimote wand.

4. Stephen Howell – various talks and workshops

Stephen Howell is a Lecturer in Computing at I.T. Tallaght and he, and a few of his students, will deliver talks and workshops on topics such as programming inProcessing, thematic cartography development, wiimote hacks, DIY touch screen hacks, lego programming, XNA development and camera based game interactions.

5.  Carlo Maiolini - AVATAR: a 3d museum exhibit

“Avatar” is a peculiar experiment of virtual exhibition about virtual worlds. It aims to foster a discussion on the social and cultural implications of these three dimensional worlds in the general public. A video will be shown to illustrate the format and the experience that the “Avatar” exhibition offered to the visitors. It will follow a brief talk by the curator reporting about the reactions from the audience to the use of real time 3D for this museum exhibit.


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