Dublin Hub co-working space finds a home

Here's a message I received from Erik van Lennep of Dublin Hub –

If you haven’t yet checked out the activity around co-creating a new
co-working space for entrepreneurs and start-ups, now is the time. If
you have been following us…well, now is STILL the time :). We need all hands, heads and hearts on deck to get this launched now.

We have had two co-creation and ideation workshops over the summer, and now we have a building available.
On Thursday this week, our third co-creation workshop will bring
everyone together for a fun evening and brown bag or “pot luck” supper.
We will be drawing, making 2D mock-ups and variously brainstorming the
best ways to arrange our work and dreams within a very beautiful open
plan building near St Pat’s.

Invitation follows –

Making a HubSpace

Thursday, September 17th, 6:30-9:00pm
Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

The Dublin Hub invites you to join us for Step 3 in the co-creation
of our – your – workspace. We are gathering on-site to ‘put flesh on
the bones’, and ideas onto space. We will apply our collective design
flair and great ideas to map out a space that would be appealing to
work in, would spark our creative powers, feel comfortable and
welcoming, and convey a relaxed professional confidence to all who
enter. We want a cool space to work in; attractive and inspiring,
conducive to sharing experiences, knowledge and conversations.

The Hub experience comes from a blending of people, place and
purpose. At its heart, Dublin Hub is about doing business
differently….and better. We are not just thinking outside the box, we
are redesigning the box itself, and that’s the point of the evening.
We’re going to explore how the open space can be partitioned into
potential meeting areas – a kitchen or canteen area, the main hot desk
area, and whatever other thoughts we have (library, quiet area,
chatting and chillout area, silent disco…).

We hope to grow as a convivial, collaborative community that’s
conducive to creative thinking and cooperative working; one that will
offer compelling opportunities to foster new business alliances, engage
in virtual teams and develop meaningful and productive connections——all
in a flexible and responsive workspace designed by its members to meet
their requirements and realities and leave room for their dreams.

Where is this space? Fumbally Annex, Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8, just off New Road / Clanbrassil Street.

Remember: Thursday 17th September, starting at 6.30 pm and finishing ‘round 9.

As we like to say in the Hub community, you’re invited… and parking is free from 18:30 around the corner.

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