Outvesting now seeking startup applications for €5,000 gift

Online campaign seeking start-ups for €5,000 donation
NEWCASTLEWEST, CO. LIMERICK – OCT 30, 2009: Outvesting.org, the online campaign which
has raised a €5,000 fund through donations on Twitter is now seeking
applications from Irish entrepreneurs. The entire fund will be gifted,
no strings attached, to one lucky start-up after a review and voting

"We simply asked people to pledge €50 each in
the hope that one hundred others would do likewise.  Those pledges came
rolling in and in the space of four weeks were converted to donations
amounting to the target €5,000", said John Keyes, one of those behind
the project.

Applications can be submitted to the Outvesting.org website until November
21st and the winner will be announced on December 7th. Those who donated
to the fund will review applications and vote on the start-up with best potential.

obviously a groundswell of opinion that entrepreneurs should do more to
help ourselves at this time of banking and economic crises. We just
tapped into the generosity and goodwill that exists within the start-up
community in Ireland", said James Corbett, the other half of the
Outvesting team.
About Outvesting:

was founded in September 2009 by James Corbett and John Keyes as an
online campaign to raise funding for entrepreneurs and start-up
companies. The idea was generated as one response to the general
dissatisfaction amongst entrepreneurs with the lack of appropriate
angel funding and state supports in Ireland.

James Corbett, co-founder
Co. Limerick



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