Irish school making great use of Twitter

From the Computers in Education Society of Ireland mailing list comes this gem from Pauric O'Donnell at St. Eunans College in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal –

"I set up a twitter account that several staff have access to update using the web or mobiles, it means they can quickly add news about the school – such as snow days, etc. to the feed. I then embedded the feed onto the front page of the school website so now the updates appear there live.

The school also uses the feed to report live commentary from sporting events – for example goal alerts during a senior football game,
updated by text by a teacher.
The leader of the annual school tour to America also uses his mobile
to update the feed with information for parents – such as "Landed in
Boston Airport, all luggage collected, headed to hotel…" etc. to
keep parents up-to-date."

A brilliant use of twitter and something all Irish schools should be doing. I've asked Pauric if it's Ag Tweet they're using to tweet by text and will report back later.

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