How to get Google Voice working in Ireland

Gavin Cooney, CEO of Learnosity in Drogheda, detailed on Twitter the steps he followed to get Google Voice working in Ireland

  1. Go to Google Voice webpage by using a server in NYC as a proxy server.
  2. Use a US Skype-In number to activate Google Voice. It calls you and you have to enter a code. Answer using Skype.
  3. Make Google Voice divert all calls to voicemail (Gavin just wants to use it as my voice mail on his Irish O2 phone). Do this in GV settings.
  4. Setup a new Skype account, with Irish Skype-In number. When unavailable divert to US Google Voice number.
  5. Divert calls on mobile when unavailable not to O2 voice-mail but to Irish Skype-In number, which diverts to Google Voice.
  6. Receive your voice-mails by email via Google Voice Android app.

6 Responses to “How to get Google Voice working in Ireland”

  1. Android Says:

    Nice, thank you!

  2. Bodonovan Says:

    I like this idea, but where can I find a proxy in NYC so that I can follow step1?

  3. Gcooney Says:

    @Bodonovan There are lots of ways of faking a US IP address to be able to access sites like this. It’s the same as a lot of US only content like Hulu or whatever.
    Note: you only need the proxy thing while you’re setting it up- not to use Google Voice.
    PS I was in the US for the last few weeks, and used Google Voice with a local cell phone. It’s awesome.

  4. Bodonovan Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I managed to sign up using the service to help me appear to be in the USA.

  5. Keith Brady Says:

    If you happen to be in the US, you can get a PAYG SIM with data from AT&T. Any of their shops will sell it. Get at least $25 on the card and then call 611 to enable the data plan (for $20). I don’t believe T-Mobile offer data PAYG. Obviously this gives you a US number you can use to set up GVoice.

  6. colm gannon Says:

    Is it possible to make google voice calls to america from ireland on my htc android phone? I have no prob doing it from my laptop

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