Bytes ‘n Pieces

– VI (pronounced ‘six’) is a Virtual Incubator for very early stage companies based in
Northern Ireland
which focuses heavily on mentoring and operational
readiness. It claims to be the first and only entrepreneur-led startup incubator in the UK and Ireland. There seems to be an impressive community spirit surrounding this project even to the point of throwing a paint party today! Follow startvi on Twitter.

Your Call Your Country has been launched in a blaze of publicity. A lot of people behind this are working pro-bono and have their hearts in the right place. So I’ll reserve judgement in the hope that it can generate something better, with more follow through, than the ultimately disappointing Ideas Campaign. One entry that caught eye is Entrepreneur Club. It got my thumbs up but mainly because OpenCoffee Club Ireland already ticks most of the boxes. No need to re-invent the wheel folks, just help us get the word out about what’s already working and has been for a number of years.

OpenCoffee Club Ireland has over 1,000 members on it’s LinkedIn network and is mercifully spam free. It seems that wherever you are in the country there is now an OpenCoffee Club nearby…. and if not why not start one?

– It’s a few weeks old but I really liked Mark Little’s article in the Sunday Times which conveys a palpable sense of excitement that comes with being in startup mode. And delivers plenty of wisdom – “They all remind me of the golden rule for any digital entrepreneur:
it’s not the technology that matters but the benefit it delivers to
real people. I think about this in my hotel room as I watch the launch
of Apple’s iPad. The hype means nothing; it’s the human experience that
will count.”

Dervala Hanley wrote a beautiful essay on startup entrepreneurship.


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