Learning on the Beach, Mayo, June 8th – 10th 2010

"Learning on the Beach 2010" is a three day event in Mulranny in the west of Ireland from June 8th – June 10th 2010 –

"The aim for the lob10 unconference is to explore some of the core issues that underpin active learning approaches. A key outcome for the event will be the drafting of some principles to inform the future design of outdoor learning events. Perhaps there is too much chair and too much heads down at times in some formal learning situations. What we want to explore is what opportunities accrue when we break free of desks and chairs. The plan is that there will be little sitting down at this event – unless you want/need to. Solivitur ambulando will be our watchword – "it is solved by walking"

"For fear Thy very stones prate of my whereabout" clever of Shakespeare
to anticipate the RFID tag so succinctly . We will be using some tags
and QR codes on the beach to explore and annotate environment and build
a narrative that others can access after we have gone and our shadows
play no more across the strand.

Over time what we start here may grow into a yearly conference some space and time each early June to read the runes, laugh share and plan for further delight in learning – we shall see. If it does we hope to keep it true to the founding principles of :

    * an Atlantic west coast gathering
    * free exchange of ideas and activities
    * a focus on getting active in learning for all
    * a gathering without chairs
    * beachmeet open to all comers(ta to @eyebeams:)
    * a digital ceilidh
    * and only grid reference and a time for the first meeting


One Response to “Learning on the Beach, Mayo, June 8th – 10th 2010”

  1. Lee Robinson Says:

    Good luck John with the LOB unconference I’ll be following your progress !

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