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A Job isn't just a Job. No-one says it like Robin. Make sure to catch up on as many of his recent blog posts as possible while you're there and pick up the pearls of wisdom from a young entrepreneur whose experience belies his years. Did you ever wonder what it would have been like to read the diary of a Denis O'Brien or a Michael O'Leary in the years when they were building their world beating businesses? Well here's your opportunity because I've no doubt Robin Blandford will write a best selling biography in 20 years time.

Workshops on Design Thinking sound interesting. "This practical two day workshop using design thinking principles will guide you on looking at your company and markets in new ways and show you exercises on how to transform your business, allowing you to generate new revenue models for existing and new markets." Companies should realise that though these workshops will be using the example of the Civil Security sector as the
industry used to develop new business ideas the principles work for
all industries. More details on the Innovator website.

– It was good to come across Trinity Entrepreneurial Society on Twitter during the week. And congratulations to them on winning a Society of the Year Best Event award for Dragon's Den 2010. I can't remember if there was an Entrepreneurs Society in University of Limerick when I was there but if there was I wish I'd gotten involved at the time.

– Speaking of which, Mark Cahill delivered a guest lecture to the second year MBA students at the Kemmy business school, University of Limerick as part of their module on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The question he addressed was “Entrepreneurs – born or made?"

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