Applying for charitable status in Ireland

I've been part of the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland network since 2008. A large number of the discussions which arise in our internal discussion forums revolve around the issues of charitable status. Helene Hugel is a level 2 awardee from 2008 who founded Helium – a children's health and arts company.

"Helium connects children, their families, friends, and healthcare staff on creative common ground to achieve healthcare goals, which might otherwise be far more difficult. Helium’s team of artists offer the opportunity for innovative interventions for children in healthcare across primary, tertiary and community services. Such interventions have been shown to reduce the negative effects of hospitalisation and poor health while giving the children a voice, ownership, and responsibility for their own well-being."

Now Helene has written a short guide on the process of applying for charitable status in Ireland, one which she'll continue to update as she continues to demystify the process.

"Applying to revenue for charitable status has nothing to do with Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship.  In fact, there is nothing creative about this task at all.  Being new to this system, it feels to me like a giant puzzle with missing pieces, and at times the wrong pieces of information. This is partly to do with the fact that the CRO require a certain structure and the Revenue another structure, and the challenge is in understanding how these two structures fit together so everyone is happy." 


One Response to “Applying for charitable status in Ireland”

  1. EvertB Says:

    I’m finalising this process for Haiti Connect at the moment and can’t say that I found it difficult. The Revenue Commisioners have been very helpful (luckily the department handling charities is based in Nenagh) and I have had great help from Geri Dineen in who handles all my company registrations.
    I only have one tip: don’t try to figure the process out yourself but get advice from those who are more experienced.

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