We made ‘The Enriched List’

Last weekend’s Sunday Business Post carried an article in the Agenda section entitled ‘The Enriched List‘ –

Fourteen years on [from the first publication of the Sunday Times Rich List] our love affair with material excess has soured in the face of the worst recession in living memory, and many of us feel acutely embarrassed by just how obsessed with wealth we became during the boom years. But for others, the crash has provided an opportunity to step back and ask if there are other ways to measure wealth…. to enrich their own lives, and the lives of those around them. So now, in 2010,with no apologies to Murdoch, we present The Sunday Business Post’s Enriched List.

We are honoured at Daynuv to be included in that list. Here’s a short extract from the article –

‘The use of technology in education is something which as a society we really need to look at more,” says Corbett. ‘‘We’re currently working with different groups of disadvantaged kids – children with physical and intellectual disabilities, and children from troubled backgrounds. Kids like this fall out of the mainstream, and it can be hard to get them back on track.”


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