Virtual Worlds pilot programme in Carlow primary school is "an online survival guide for parents and teachers of gifted children in Ireland".

"Does an exceptionally bright child mean an exceptionally bright future? Not necessarily. Parenting in itself can be daunting but parenting a "gifted" child can be incredibly challenging. Unlike many other countries there are scant resources available in Ireland for exceptionally able kids"

We're delighted at Daynuv to have teamed up with to pilot a new ICT initiative aimed at supporting a group of exceptionally able students in Gaelscoil Eoghain Uí Thuairisc Carlow. The pilot is the first of its kind in Ireland to use 3D modelling software and
programming tools to teach part of the primary school curriculum in a
learning support setting. 

A full article on the partnership has now been published on the website and I'll excerpt below just one quote from the children involved –

"Daynuv is not a game, it is a hobby and a tool. When such
a programme, granting the ability to create anything and the chance to
interact with other people, is used in the education of children the
possibilities are massive. The programme allows children to understand
architecture. The control of the land is excellent. Not only can
buildings be erected but looking out on the horizon we can see
mountains, lakes and valleys of our own creation. In creating replicas
of true buildings we gain a deeper knowledge of the processes, toils
and triumphs used in building. The programme is enjoyable to use and is
a fascinating meeting place for classmates."
~ Conor


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