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Social Entrepreneurs Ireland project updates, September 2010

September 28, 2010


Carmel Dunne – Ceol 

Ceol has gone digital. A summer course has been run, on-line, via Irish National Teacher’s Organisation. This is so successful that it is being continued for the coming year.

The training that had been conducted face-to-face is from 1st September 2010, being done by DVD with a view to transferring to Ceol’s website on-line.  A Members’ Forum has been activated in the past few days.  This will be accessed by teachers who are implementing the Ceol programmes.  They can discuss issues with one another and seek support from the Ceol personnel.

These new developments are being run in tandem with an optional face-to-face training and printed materials.  As time goes by, it is hoped that there will be less face-to-face and more digital resources.  This will enable easier access to the programmes, greater scope and scale of Ceol programmes in pre-schools and primary schools throughout the country and beyond.


Ruairi McKiernan –

As always the team have been working flat out to build a movement for youth-led social change. In the past few months has published 100s of factsheets and articles on youth health, lifestyle and citizenship issues, developed its Facebook community to over 14,000 people and launched an exciting new Academy of Activism, which held its first summer school in Galway. has also launched a new SMS service that allows users to receive regular updates on campaigns & competitions at no charge. Join by texting ‘spunout’ to 51444.


Robert Mulhall – Lucca Leadership

Lucca Leadership has had an eventful summer with programs being run in Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, London, Hertfordshire, Italy, Illinois, Skopje, Capetown, Gansbaai and more. So far more than 360 people have been on the programs in Ireland alone and over 2000 around the world. A recent participant on a program said “I learnt my voice can be heard. My actions will affect people”. A highlight of the summer was the program run in South Africa by the Irish and South African team for Dance4Life, with 16 amazing young people trained to lead and 8 mentors to support them the world is in good hands. With another 5 leadership events and programs planned for the year Lucca Leadership Ireland is continuing to be kept busy. The rest of 2010 will bring more exciting changes in Ireland including the recruitment of a new CEO, as Robert Mulhall steps aside to give someone new the opportunity he has had to lead and grow an organisation. They are also strategically building the board and refining the services that are on offer to the world.



James Corbett and Keith Kennedy – Daynuv

Daynuv received a great boost at the ICT in Education conference recently when keynote speaker and Carlow Educate Together principal Simon Lewis commended their collaboration with by saying, “If this was expanded out to every school the possibilities are phenomenal”

With the success of the pilot programme behind them the plan now is to roll out the service to 20 schools nationwide. Before the summer holidays contact was made with a large number of teachers and the response has been such that the demand for the programme will more than meet the targeted quota of 20.

As such Daynuv and have collaborated on a sponsorship proposal which has been circulated to a focused group of corporates. Discussions are on-going with a government agency and an official stamp of approval looks likely to be received soon.


Sr Antoinette Keelan – St John’s Education Centre 

St John’s Education Centre has been hosting a REBT (Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy) course for teachers from the schools network, parents who work the phone and Drop-In Centre and the team. It is very practical and offers opportunities for the diverse partners to engage with time and professional facilitation with the issues which present in the lives of teens today as well as challenging each participant to look at how his or her own emotional behaviour impacts.

The Centre is hosting a talk on Dyslexia on Thursday 14th October at 7.30. It will be given by Ron Davis and will include his fascinating history and the breakthrough he made correcting his severe dyslexia, the background and development of the Davis Correction methods, how dyslexics think and learn and why it is a gift! Ron Davis has also developed a programme for dealing with Autism and as he is autistic himself this work comes from a lived experience. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Sr. Antoinette on 087 923 9817.

This year plans are in train to add BBBS (Big Brother Big Sister) modules to the Programmes and Foroige are willing to support this initiative.

Applications are already in for the next Programme and so the cycle begins anew. 


Michelle Gallen –

TalkIrish has had an exciting year to date. Following a Level 2 UnLtd cash award, Talk Irish secured a grant of £47k from The Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Creative Industries Innovation Fund. Several employees have joined the team in recent months – an Irish web editor, a coder and designer. 

In April 2010, Talk Irish was awarded the prestigious Kieran Hegarty Award for Interactivity at the Celtic Media Festival – beating off competition from 5 BBC websites.

In June, Michelle Gallen from Talk Irish joined TN2020 – the British Council’s network of future leaders and influencers. As part of this network, she spent a week in Chicago, meeting with leaders and influencers from across Europe and the USA.

Talk Irish negotiated the exclusive rights to produce digital versions of Buntús Cainte – the most successful course in Irish ever. The Talk Irish team is hard at work producing online and MP3 courses which will be launched for sale in Autumn 2010 – bringing Talk Irish the revenue it needs to build a sustainable enterprise.

Finally, keeps growing – with over 7,500 members now part of our online community.


Margaret Keane – GiftedKids, the advocacy and support website for exceptionally able children, continue their online webinar series this autumn. Supported by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and NCTE these online events are free to participants and are run through the global educators’ network, 

September 23rd 7.00pm: Margaret Keane and Anna Giblin of present the webinar Dual Exceptionality, with a look at a range of learning difficulties with which gifted children can present. 

October 7th, 8.30pm: Peter Lydon, second level teacher and gifted education specialist, will host Classroom Strategies for the Support of Exceptionally Able Learners. 

November 25th 7.00pm: Colm O’Reilly, Director of the Irish Centre for Talented Youth and Catriona Fitzgerald, Academic Co-Coordinator, will co-present Social Emotional Issues in Exceptionally Able Children. 

February 3rd 2011 7.00pm: U.S. author and gifted advocate Christine Fonseca will present Being an Emotional Coach to Gifted Children. 

In other news Margaret Keane, founder and James Corbett of Daynuv are continuing to collaborate on the Virtual Worlds Schools Project as they seek to secure funding for a roll out to a further 19 schools.


Cormac Lynch – Camara 

Camara has made great progress in the last number of months. Having received charitable status in the UK, and with the process for similar status in the US well on track, some senior management changes have taken place to enable Camara to be positioned to operate effectively in these locations. Cormac Lynch has become Group CEO with a focus on UK and US activities. A new General Manager has been appointed, John Fitzsimons, with responsibility for the Dublin headquarters.

Orlaith McCaul has joined Camara as their Africa CEO. She replaces Trisha Olsson who will return to work for Camara in the US.

Having received the Arthur Guinness Fund Award in April 2010 to help set-up and support Camara’s hubs in Belfast, Galway, and Cork these activities have made good head-way. 

Camara held a very successful event with support from some Bank of Ireland staff who packed the Lesotho container with PCs, and also raised the funds to cover it’s shipment costs. Camara’s overseas volunteer programme went well with 32 volunteers travelling to Zambia, Rwanda and Kenya.

The Camara Ireland programme focussing on the provision of computers to disadvantaged Irish schools, has made great progress. 184 computers have been delivered to 7 Irish schools, software and training included. A number of other deliveries are being progressed.


John Murphy – Speedpak

As Speedpak operates in the real commercial world its core businesses – contract packing and fulfilment and light manufacturing under its Shamrock Rosette brand – are fighting hard to retain and develop new business opportunities in their respective sectors. Keeping costs low, producing more for less and maintaining quality are key objectives. The businesses are central to the work experience and training opportunities that the Company provides for long term unemployed people on Dublin’s Northside. 

Winning an Arthur Guinness Fund Award for their Work Accreditation Model concept (or WAM© for short), was a 2010 highlight. As formal education is a major barrier to progression to the workplace for those currently unemployed, this is a new approach designed to capture workplace learning and skills development and convert it to a recognised educational qualification in the form of a full FETAC Level 4 award. It is currently being piloted in Speedpak with 30 training staff and supported by Colaiste Dhulaigh VEC. While the pace of progress has been slower than planned, they are pleased with the learning and outcomes to date.



Frances Black – The RISE Foundation

The RISE Foundation has had a very busy year with lots happening to help its mission to support families with loved ones in addiction. The focus has been very much on the challenge of funding the expansion of their non-residential and residential Family Programmes and the development of a dedicated addiction awareness and education centre on beautiful Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim. Highlights over the past year included:

– 120 fantastic ‘RISE Women’ participating in a rain soaked Flora mini marathon and raising an amazing €19K.

– The growth of the RISE team to include Vodafone World of Difference 2010 winner Mark O’Doherty, who joined as Marketing & Communications Officer and Rabia Tabassum, who has joined as an administrative volunteer. They join Frances Black (Founder & CEO), Brian Allen and Stephen Rowen who, as one of Ireland’s top addiction specialists, heads up the RISE Family Programmes.

– The RISE Foundation was delighted to be this year’s chosen charity for the Moyle District Council’s (Co. Antrim) May Day Gala Ball fundraising event.


Mary Desmond Vasseghi – SCD Young 

“To support families & Effect Change” continues to move forward towards its vision of a heartsafe Ireland. It continues to work for early detection and treatment of cardiac conditions in our youth and the promotion of widespread CPR & placements of AEDs.

– Pilot screening has been a success. Rollout in Leinster will occur in a matter of weeks.

– A second screening service about to begin in the South.

– These services will be available to schools and clubs.

Much focus is awareness raising and the events below are part of this.

 – Information & Support Day September 18th.

 – Memorial service December ( date to be confirmed)

– Fundraising walk Camino de Santiago Sept 26th- Oct 3rd

– Launch of CD S.A.D.S Songs

– New education leaflets soon for distribution

The group continues to work with and encourage other individuals and groups working in the area of heart health….we’ll get there!


John McCarthy – Mad Pride Ireland

John says: “Mad Pride Ireland has gone nuts. We are everywhere, we are being covered on Radio, TV regional and national newspapers. We are now an annual event by invitation of Cork City Council. We are by invitation of Tullamore town council an annual event in August. We are planning to go to Galway, Dublin and Belfast next year. More later!! 

Stephen Fry twittered us we had 95,000 hits whatever that means.

McCarthy consulting and Goldifish events do all the work; John takes all the credit; that is he believes; very fair.

This has simply been a fantastic event we have had 40,000 people at our events to date. We had an estimated 16,000 in Cork this year (that is half the attendance at electric picnic). Not bad from a standing start 3 years ago (and our budget we gladly do it for buttons).

Stigma based on fear, ignorance and prejudice simply has to STOP. 

We have been instrumental in stirring up a debate in and around mental health from a compeletly different perspective, check out Questions are being asked, answers are being demanded. Force as a treatment is a breach of human rights it simply has to stop. We are still forcing our citizens to take ECT against their will what does that say of our society?”


Krystian Fikert – MyMind

PPD – The Psychological Centre is now trading as MyMind (My Mind, My Health, My Success). MyMind vision is that everyone in Ireland has easy and quick access to community based mental health services. MyMind purpose is to build a network of community based mental health services that are quick, accessible and affordable for every person in Ireland.

MyMind resolution to current situation in Ireland is:

– to offer earlier intervention leading to better mental health

– to offer an alternative solution to medical model (we do not prescribe drugs as a resolution, only if necessary)

– to be accessible, clients are able to see a professional within a few days after initial contact

– services are affordable, with reduced or free sessions for those who cannot afford full fees

MyMind Centre offers: 

– Face to face counselling

– On-line services through

– Crisis intervention

– Psychological assesments

– Life coaching

– Work related coaching

– Workshops and trainings

– Suicide prevention for children

MyMind Centre is open 6 days a week, from 8am – 10pm.


Joan Hamilton – Slí Eile

For every four people discharged from psychiatric hospital, three will be re-admitted, a revolving door that is a soul destroying process for the people concerned, their families and friends. Of the ten tenants who have availed of the residential support services of Sli Eile at their pilot project in Charleville over the past four years, founder Joan Hamilton says only two experienced re-admission to hospital and both for far shorter stays than  previously experienced.

Joan continues with her fund-raising drive to raise €2 million to  develop a therapeutic farm,  where16 tenants at any one time will be supported in regaining control of their lives and move on to independent living. 

The cost to maintain a person in psychiatric hospital is in excess of €100,000 per year, in the Justice system where all too often people with mental health difficulties end up, the cost is in excess of  a whopping €200,000!

The cost to support a person in the proposed Slí Eile Farm is €20,000 per year , and quality of life, priceless ! The Slí Eile social approach  on the farm will be a model that others can & will follow. Anyone interested in supporting  this unique & exciting project can contact Joan at 087-2620830.


David Egan – RedBranch

The first RedBranch Healthy School Cafe has been a tremendous success, having had a major effect on the lifestyle habits of the young people involved. The proportion of students consuming fruit on a daily basis has risen from 32% to 66% and the daily consumption of “junk” food and beverages has plummeted.  As well as pushing a healthy agenda, the initiative is popular with students: satisfaction with school food has risen from 25% to 60% – better than Jamie Oliver! 

The Cafe is profitable and helps to fund the wider social mission of RedBranch – given that the Cafe competes with McDonalds and several chip shops, this is no mean feat. RedBranch are in talks with major food companies with a view to expanding the project nationally. In addition, RedBranch are planning to roll-out their “FitSchools” programme in early 2011: this will be a school award scheme that aims to help children make informed healthy food choices and to participate fully in regular physical activity. The RedBranch team are in the process of securing commercial sponsorship for FitSchools.


Catherine Buckley – Holistic Harm Reduction

Holistic Harm Reduction has seen its first participants graduate. The programme ran in Kilcorney from 22nd June – 30th July 2010, two days per week for six weeks, 9.50am – 4pm. Each day began with Complimentary Therapy (Tai Chi, Acupuncture, meditation); followed by Groupwork (check in, drug diaries, discussion, reflection); and finished with Recreational Activity (fishing, soccer, boxing, drumming, quiz). Participants, volunteers and facilitators had breaks and meals together, entered into a contract together and negotiated as a team. Thanks to the participants, cooks, drivers, facilitators, coaches, therapists and musicians who gave of their time. Everybody was captivated by the truly holistic ethos of the program. 

12 young people began, 10 graduated from the course. There was a marked reduction in alcohol & drug use through urinalysis each week during the program. 2 young men have since gone to residential treatment, 3 young men have accessed out-patient treatment, 1 got his place back in Youthreach, 2 have applied for other courses & 2 are still in school. They have all taken part in filming a documentary about the process. An evaluation is being written up. Catherine Buckley, Social Entrepreneur Award winner 2009 level 1 has been invited to present her Holistic Harm Reduction program at the annual “Getting a Grip” conference in Killarney Oct 7th and premier the documentary for Drug Awareness Week in the Southern Region. 


Caroline McGuigan – Suicide or Survive

SOS have have started another Eden programme.  They have completed a pilot wellness workshop and brought it to four different counties.  The fantastic news is they been chosen as a partner for Vodafone which will give €100,000 to bring the wellness workshop around Ireland.  This is great news and all the team at SOS are over the moon and so thrilled to be able to go into communities and challenge stigma in relation to mental health.  They have also been granted €30,600 for the Eden Programme by Pobal.  

Caroline says: “Well what a rollercoaster we have been on since January.  The team is growing and enhancing the work of SOS.  Our Board is working through its own governance and development.  I am being mentored, upskilled, supervised and supported.

“I am still sane.  I am learning more and more that being a social entrepreneur is not for the weak hearted.  I regularly cry, laugh, question the madness of my life, love every minute of it and am so grateful for the special people I have in my life personally and professionally.  I feel stronger and stronger about ‘living life’ and taking risks no matter what unfolds.”



Madeline McAleer – Clare Focus  was set up by Madeline Mc Aleer.  The idea received a SEI level 1 award in 2006  which was followed by web design funding from Clare Enterprise Board in 2007.  The concept developed into an innovative, interactive, daily up-dated,  one-stop-shop for events and activities in Co. Clare. The web-site has information on community, social, business, holistic, education activities, workshops and tourism events, trad sessions, live gigs, dancing, festivals, fairs, summer schools, shows, theatre, exhibitions, readings, cinema, farmer’s markets, celebrations, fundraisers, conferences, workshops,  meetings, walks, talks and much more. 

Clare Focus was selected for the Limerick Enterprise Acceleration Programme 2008 (LEAP) for high potential start-ups in the Mid-West and is now described as ‘the definitive place to find out what’s on in Clare’. 

It has just been announced that Clare Focus has been shortlisted for two categories in the FBD Clare Business Excellence Awards 2010 – Best Use of Information Technology and Innovation in Business. The winners will be announced at a gala ceremony on 30th September – and it all started with SEI support.


Fiona Sexton – Volunteer Centres Ireland

Contrary to perception, today’s challenge is not finding volunteers it’s about creating suitable and interesting roles for them.

The good news is that Volunteer Centres Ireland has created an online toolkit with a host of information and useful tips to help you create new strategic volunteer roles and to manage and involve volunteers effectively.

Check out

Today, there are 50,000 volunteers registered with Volunteers Centres Ireland all over Ireland, there are 4,000 volunteer roles currently posted online, Volunteers Centres Ireland work with over 6,000 Charities nationwide.


Sharon Vard – Anam Cara 

As autumn approaches so does the Anam Cara national awareness campaign 2010.  This year the campaign starts on 1st October and will focus on growing awareness of Anam Cara’s support services for bereaved parents and siblings among the general public. It will go on through the month of October and we have arranged various activities to take place during the month. 

One of the activities is the facilitation of a professional talks, that will take place around Ireland during October and November. This year Anam Cara has organised 14 talks on a variety of topics that are relevant to parents after the death of their child. They have included 5 new locations, including their first talk in Northern Ireland and would hope to have support groups in these locations in the near future. All Anam Cara services are offered at no charge to families. 

Breaking news for Anam Cara is the start up of a much needed Sibling (18+) Bereavement Support mechanism.  A group of siblings from all around Ireland have taken part in a workshop to begin this process.


Clare Muireann Murphy – Community Storytelling

Clare Muireann Murphy will feature in this year’s Galway Theatre Festival with her new storytelling theatre show: WILD.  This is a huge step for her artform, and Clare hopes to develop this direction further and get storytelling raised up as an artform on par with theatre and music. 

She has recruited a group of committed volunteers to run Story Night, turning it from a one woman community event into a community run event. This allows Clare to develop her own work and also to get more people on the ground level participating in storytelling in their community. 

Clare ran a successful international Conference in Reading UK for the Federation of European Storytelling (FEST) and has been voted to remain on the Steering Group to assist in running the Conference in Spain for 2011.


Jose Ospina – Carbery Housing Association

Empty Houses Milestone for Carbery Housing Association 

On 31.08.10 the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government has approved the inclusion of one semi-terraced property in Caheragh, West Cork, for use by Carbery Housing Association on a 10 year lease for the housing of a family on the housing list. 80% of the market rent for the property will be paid by the DEHLG directly to the owner, and the tenant will pay a Council rent to the Housing Association, that will manage and maintain the property. 

The family house is typical of hundreds of others in the region, and has been standing empty for several years awaiting sale. CHA is a community housing association set up in 2001, that has tried consistently to secure properties to help house the 10 K plus households on Local Council’s housing lists. CHA is hoping this property will demonstrate how community organisations can help to bring Ireland’s thousands of empty properties into use.


Myles McCorry – BikePure

BikePure have seen fantastic growth over the past few months. With new ambassadors in Qatar, Ghana and Taiwan their global influence and network is solidifying. The brand is a powerful one and with power BikePure is working hard to bring about change to protect the lives of future champions.

As cycling is the most drug tested sport in the world, victories in this battle will have exponential impact as the improved procedures are being passed on to other sports.

One of the core targets of BikePure’s work is rebuilding the testing procedures with the governing body of sport. They have built a working relationship with WADA. The World Anti-Doping Authority has the power to induce change and is the direct aim of their member’s efforts. A lesson learnt which all Social Entrepreneurs will be well aware of is ‘who is listening’? BikePure has over 40,000 members around the world, but only a few with the power and influence to assist with massive changes. Time spent researching and ‘courting’ the key people who have the power to actually induce change is time well spent.



Anne Bedos – Rothar

Rothar is going from strength to strength. It received funding from Local Agenda 21 to develop the idea of bicycle recycling and won an award from Dublin Bus Community Support Programme to develop the “earn a bike” workshops with young people. Anne will be attending the ceremonies on September 16th. Anne has also been able to put herself on the company’s payroll in August. 

Thanks to its now solid reputation, Rothar is able to fulfill its social inclusion goal: it donated 15 kids’ bikes to An Cosan and is collaborating closely with Barnados and Crosscare to provide refurbished free bikes to families in need in Dublin and in the country. 

Anne also recruited a volunteer in charge of the FETAC accreditation, which will hopefully be finalised by summer 2011. It will allow Anne to open Rothar’s training centre next year that would be providing training and job opportunities to priority groups. 

On the fun side, Anne had a stall with Rothar at the Electric Picnic to promote the idea of bicycle recycling and sustainable transport.



Golden Anikwe – Co-operative Support Services (CSS)

The Co-operative Forum of Ireland hosted a Co-operative Conference in Trinity College Dublin on 31st July, 2010. Golden Anikwe, the National Coordinator was one of the speakers in the Conference. His topic is titled “Practitioner’s Perspective on Co-operative enterprise establishment and development amongst Ethnic Communities including access to Support Services”

At the end of the conference, Iain Macdonald, the Director General of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) who was in attendeance from  Switzerland congratulated Mr Anikwe and encouraged him to make a submission on behalf of CSS via ICA to Co-operatives Europe and the Co-operative Branch of the International labour Organisation in Geneva.

At the national level also, CSS has been struggling with obtaining the start-up capital for its clients:- His & Hers Community Recreational Co-op Society Ltd Galway, MEH Hair & Beauty Co-op Society Ltd Cork and the Baffles Entertainment & Event Management Co-op Society Ltd. Dublin. CSS continues to work on their behalf. 


Michael Collins – Traveller Wagon Wheel Theatre

Michael has over the past year been working on writing his third play ‘Same Difference’ which is based on the different cultures and the impact it has on family mixed marriage and the Traveller community. He is also busy establishing Traveller wagon wheel Theatre as a professional Theatre company which promotes Traveller arts and theatre.

During this year Michael worked with Lyric FM in producing a radio show of Traveller singers and songs. This went out in June of this year and during the show we heard Travellers and settled people from around the country singing Traveller songs.

Michael is now in the process on writing his forth play which is based on real events surrounding the erection of a bolder in Dunsink which prevented Traveller from local access to services in Finglas he has applied to the arts council for a grant to work with a visual artist to present this show 


Suleiman Abdulahi – Horn of Africa Peoples Aid (HAPA)

A new report has been recently published by HAPA in conjunction with Trinity Immigration Initiative (TII), Trinity College Dublin. The report comprises a detailed study of the needs of refugees from the Horn of Africa or conventional refugees in areas of resettlement, employment, education, gender and youth. This report will be launched in autumn 2010.

On June 29th to 2nd of September 2010, Horn of Africa Peoples Aid commenced a ten weeks English language training course for Horn of Africa refugees in Blanchardstown Library in Fingal County. 

This is just the first phase and the second phase will kick-off the 4th October to 9th December 2010. The Fingal County Council – Fingal Integration Funding Scheme 2010 funded this initiative.




Mary Nally – Third Age Foundation

Mary Nally through her organisation, the Third Age Foundation, is harnessing the power and abilities of older people to make a difference to their own communities and to society in general.  The Third Age Foundation now has over 700 volunteers working on their national initiatives such as Fáilte Isteach, Senior Help Line, and the Way We Were. 

Their work highlights the values of positive ageing across Ireland and opens up new possibilities for empowering older people.

Mary is tapping into an undervalued and underutilized demographic bounty by creating active contributors to society among the ageing. 

In the past year alone, older people have supported their peers by taking over 13,000 calls on Senior Help Line, which now has 15 centres across the country; over 500 students attend free conversational English classes at the 23 Fáilte Isteach centres Mary has established in 9 counties; and “The Way We Were” project has now brought history to life for more that 1,000 primary school children in the 12 schools it has visited so far.





Connected Limerick workshop

September 25, 2010

As part of Culture Night and the Tweak Festival I went along to the Connected Limerick workshop at All Out Design last evening. Here's how the event was billed –

The online world around Limerick is featuring many groups, initiatives and services that effectively create a parallel “map” of the city, offering support, news and facilities to members and associates. How does the city link to its digital “cloud”? How can the players on the online dimension get together to offer new ideas and proposals that would enrich the digital dimension of Limerick? 

The Limerick chapter of IxDA (the Interaction Design Association) will run a workshop around the theme of “Connected Limerick”. In the workshop, we invite everyone involved in Limerick-related online communities to participate and discuss ideas together. The discussion will be based on a number of hands-on exercises aimed at representing the rich landscape of Limerick’s different communities – both physical and digital ones. Connected Limerick hopes to be the catalyst to make the digital and physical city merge, and the opportunity for new ventures emerge.

And did it live up to that billing? Absolutely! In fact it was one of the most inspiring workshops I've attended in a long time. The exercise where we illustrated our own anecdotes and ideas of what Connected Limerick meant to us drew out a lot of excellent discussion around how to move the agenda forward. I personally hope this becomes a regular quarterly meet up.

Connected-limerick-workshopPhotos by Luigina Ciolfi

Carlow school children talk about learning in our virtual world

September 22, 2010

Tom Murphy of interviewed us at Daynuv recently for an article and video about our collaboration. I have to give Tom loads of credit for taking the time to really understand the essence of the project and to listen so carefully to what the children at Gaelscoil Eoghain Uí Thuairisc had to say (video below). Please visit the site to read the full article.

MiLKlabs is the new name for Limerick hackerspace

September 21, 2010

Last Tuesday 14th September we held the second 'Limerick hackerspace' (formerly) meeting and agreed on a permanent name for the club – MiLKlabs. So we've set up new Twitter, and Facebook accounts and will publish a website shortly.

Milklabs text logo medium Where does the name come from? From Made in LimericK. You'll find more details on our Google Group including a link to the full meeting minutes. Here's the temporary logo we came up with but if you can do better please talk to us 🙂 virtual world presentation to CESI meet 2010 (video)

September 18, 2010

Last night Margaret Keane of and myself (on behalf of Daynuv) presented to a large group of teachers gathered in the Dingle Skellig Hotel for the CESI meet Autumn 2010. Our slot was only 5 minutes long but we managed to squeeze in an overview of our pilot project at Gaelscoil Eoghain Uí Thuairisc Carlow. See the video below –