Four years on Twitter today… I suppose I should mark it

Pat Phelan of Maxroam (congratulations to them on their four TechCrunch Europe Awards nominations) tweeted today that he’ll celebrate his 4th anniversary on Twitter next week, when I realized that today actually marks the start of my 5th year on the microblogging service.

I’m not sure why I feel that’s worth noting but perhaps because Twitter no doubt sucked a lot of energy out of this very blog. For a number of years I used to feel a pang of guilt if I didn’t make a daily entry to this journal but I finally gave in to the idea of microblogging for half-baked thoughts and ‘Eirepreneur’ for longer, more considered articles (not that I’ve written many of those either lately).

Anyway, I wish I had something profound to say about the small blue birdie that hasn’t already been said but luckily for me Bernie Goldbach, with impeccable timing, has just penned his own, similar, thoughts on Four Years of Twitter.

I’ll merely add that Twitter is my social network of choice, far and away more useful to me than Facebook or LinkedIn. I’ve lost count of the number of people I finally met in person having known them ‘virtually’ on Twitter for months or years prior to that. As I read somewhere recently ‘Facebook for the people you know, Twitter for the people you’d like to know’.

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