Escapism – cycle anywhere in Ireland (while remaining in your home)

After attending the MiLKlabs (<–  brand new website) Arduino workshop last Tuesday, as outlined in the previous post, I was well intrigued by the hackable micro-controller and it's potential application in the control of virtual worlds (like the ones we build at Daynuv).

But it wasn't until I read Lette Moloney's update on 'Escapism' that my eyes were truly opened. Escapism is part of Lette's Final Year Project Thesis for her Masters of Science in Interactive Media at The University of Limerick. It's a stationary bike that hooks up to a computer, which is attached to a screen and allows you to pedal through anywhere in the world that Google Streetview is available. And of course Streetview for Ireland was recently launched, mapping an incredible 80,000km of the country with panoramic 360 degree imagery.

I love the fact that Lette's project was originally developed for Milford hospice who were interested in "enabling residents and visiting patients with a sense of escapism in the physiotherapy room, as the room itself has no ground level windows leaving the current palliative and elderly users feeling trapped in their environment as well as their illness." This kind of use chimes with the aims of Daynuv to build virtual worlds for physically and intellectually disabled users to allow them go places and experience things they might never have the opportunity to do in the 'real world'.

So let me say a big well done to Lette – Escapism is a wonderful achievement.



One Response to “Escapism – cycle anywhere in Ireland (while remaining in your home)”

  1. Lette Says:

    Thank you so much for the very kind words 🙂 🙂

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