Visual impairment is no impairment at Tipperary Institute

Kanchi founder Caroline Casey is visually impaired to the degree that she is legally blind. My first time meeting her was when she delivered one of the most inspiring talks I've ever heard a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland gathering in 2009. Through the Ability Awards and Caroline's growing network of over 100 Ability Businesses, Kanchi has changed the perception of disability.

As such I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know what educators at Tipperary Institute are doing. Bernie Goldbach writes

"Oki Yusef is legally blind. But that hasn't stopped him from learning how to use an iPad in mainstream third level education at Tipperary Institute. I'm following his remarkable progress as he completes a major research paper on learning with the iPad. He's showing me things I wouldn't normally see and he likes some of my online favourites like Audioboo. Watching him in this applied research setting is one of the most uplifting experiences in my life."

Visit Bernie's blog to see video of Oki using the iPad and to hear audio of his first impressions.

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