MissionV to extend to 20 schools nationwide with support from NCTE

MissionV is very pleased to announce the support of the National Centrefor Technology in Education (NCTE) in it’s Phase 1 rollout to 20 primary schools in the school year 2011/2012. MissionV is a tool for building immersive learning experiences for high potential students.

We would like to thank Anne White, National Coordinator – ICT in the Curriculum, and Jerome Morrissey, NCTE Director, for their support for this innovative ICT schools project. “The project is innovative and is making excellent use of a number ofcutting edge technologies. It is very timely given the Department ofEducation and Skills’ prioritisation of numeracy at both primary and postprimary level. The use of a 3D learning environment and geometric buildingtools by children to collaboratively build 3D replicas generating a fullyinteractive world powered by their own software is very much in line withthe thinking and implementation of the project maths curriculum at postprimary which is being rolled out at present to all schools",  said Jerome Morrisey, NCTE Director


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