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Fumbally Exchange, Dublin 8. Recovery starts here?

July 8, 2011

I really admire what they've achieved at Fumbally Exchange, a cluster of 40 small businesses in the creative sector and an interseting spin on coworking. Founder George Boyle wrote an inspiring article about the Exchange recently –

"At its simplest, the Exchange is an open, creative place where people can come to work, to share ideas, to test a new business or breathe life into a struggling one in a sympathetic, flexible and – critically – affordable environment….

But FEx set out to reach beyond this simple concept of a desk in a space. To become a more inspiring vehicle for change, reinvention and revolution. To build on the evidence of tested theories, practice and precedent – and inject a real, reckonable stimulus into a flagging economy….

 If every person took their dream, the bravest thing they ever wanted to do – start their own business, write that story, open a school, make computers from papier maché – and acted on it, we would make this country a quick and sure contender for respect, investment and potential debt forgiveness. Or debt abolition through economic growth."

See the launch video below –

The Small Business Show podcast

July 6, 2011

Conn Ó Muíneacháin is founder of Edgecast Media and Kehlan Kirwan is founder of FocuSME Magazine. Entrepreneurs in their own right the two have teamed up to produce and host The Small Business Show podcast.

Episode 1 got off to a nice start with good interplay between the hosts, nice dialogue and great interviews. I particularly enjoyed the on-site interview with the coffee roaster. Hearing the machinery in the background, I could almost smell the coffee. ‘Theatre of the mind’ is what good podcasting thrives on so I'd certainly like to hear more of this kind of thing than studio-bound stuff.  And yes, I’d imagine live events like Limerick and Ennis OpenCoffee Clubs would have suitably great atmosphere.

Well done to Conn and Kehlan, I'm looking forward to episode 2.

Thursday’s Limerick OpenCoffee Club will talk about SXSW

July 5, 2011

At Thursday's Limerick OpenCoffee Club session Mark Cahill will talk about his SXSW (South by South West) experience. SXSW is an annual conference & festival which takes place in Austin, Texas. It consists of Music, Film and interactive. Mark attended the interactive part of the event which took place over 5 days. He will talk about his experience of the event, who spoke at it, what he learned there and who he met.