The Small Business Show podcast

Conn Ó Muíneacháin is founder of Edgecast Media and Kehlan Kirwan is founder of FocuSME Magazine. Entrepreneurs in their own right the two have teamed up to produce and host The Small Business Show podcast.

Episode 1 got off to a nice start with good interplay between the hosts, nice dialogue and great interviews. I particularly enjoyed the on-site interview with the coffee roaster. Hearing the machinery in the background, I could almost smell the coffee. ‘Theatre of the mind’ is what good podcasting thrives on so I'd certainly like to hear more of this kind of thing than studio-bound stuff.  And yes, I’d imagine live events like Limerick and Ennis OpenCoffee Clubs would have suitably great atmosphere.

Well done to Conn and Kehlan, I'm looking forward to episode 2.


One Response to “The Small Business Show podcast”

  1. Conn Ó Muíneacháin Says:

    Thanks James! Feedback is always welcome! Episode 3 reported from Limerick Open Coffee and I think we managed to capture some of the atmosphere.
    The podcast has just launched on iTunes. It’s picking up subscribers and charting well in the Business News section. Here’s the link to subscribe:
    From next week we’re tweaking the style a little as we prepare to go into syndication on radio stations and we’ll be shifting production from Thursday to Friday.

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