Fumbally Exchange, Dublin 8. Recovery starts here?

I really admire what they've achieved at Fumbally Exchange, a cluster of 40 small businesses in the creative sector and an interseting spin on coworking. Founder George Boyle wrote an inspiring article about the Exchange recently –

"At its simplest, the Exchange is an open, creative place where people can come to work, to share ideas, to test a new business or breathe life into a struggling one in a sympathetic, flexible and – critically – affordable environment….

But FEx set out to reach beyond this simple concept of a desk in a space. To become a more inspiring vehicle for change, reinvention and revolution. To build on the evidence of tested theories, practice and precedent – and inject a real, reckonable stimulus into a flagging economy….

 If every person took their dream, the bravest thing they ever wanted to do – start their own business, write that story, open a school, make computers from papier maché – and acted on it, we would make this country a quick and sure contender for respect, investment and potential debt forgiveness. Or debt abolition through economic growth."

See the launch video below –

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