Gosh I do… love Goshido

Disclosure: I've known Goshido founder Ger Hartnett for a few years now, mostly through meeting him at Limerick OpenCoffee Club (#LOCC, a free networking event for entrepreneurs).

Ger went on the Paddys Valley tour of Silicon Valley when his startup was still known as CoClarity and I remember brainstorming more suitable names for his fledgling company on the Limerick to Dublin train journey sometime after that. I don't know if Ger still has the book on which he jotted down my clangers but I do know it felt like the shortest train trip I've ever enjoyed.

Winning Innovation awards and University spin-out awards along the way Goshido has had a pretty meteoric rise and now counts hundreds of teams worldwide, including global multinationals, among its customers. An unfortuante indication of this success has been Ger's disappearance from #LOCC but it was great to catch up with him recently when he delivered a terrific presentation as part of the Endeavour Programme.

So what is Goshido? Cloud-based project management software is the simple answer but one that doesn't do it justice. Like lots of unique services its one that you really can't grasp its power until you start using it. With a team.

Which is what I started doing when we launched MissionV a few months ago. As much as Gmail conversation view has changed my attitude to email it still doesn't cut the mustard for keeping track of who is doing what. In fact it's a nightmare. The beauty of Goshido is the elegance with which it solves the problem of multi-way dialogues forking multiple action items. And assigning ownership.

There is so much of typical project management software that is just bloatware. And often makes the task more difficult instead of easier. But Goshido strips out all the unnecessary stuff and gives you the tools to keep track of who's doing what, and when. And when it comes down to it that's all we need.

Put simply we couldn't manage our not-for-profit startup without Goshido, so I'm hugely grateful to Ger for giving free accounts to all the team at MissionV.

[By the way, it's not actually pronounced 'Gosh I do'…. more like 'Go shee doh' in fact]

One Response to “Gosh I do… love Goshido”

  1. Ger Hartnett Says:

    Many thanks James. It’s great to get positive feedback and we’re delighted to help with MissionV.
    You got the pronunciation spot on too. Goshido is a Japanese word for guidance. We believe the best organisations guide teams & projects rather than try to command & control them.

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