MHL cable FTW

I love it when a cheap gadget adds a disproportionate amount of value to my life. And the FoneM8 – MHL to HDMI HD TV cable adaptor for my Samsung Galaxy S2 has certainly ticked that box.

I bought a 42″ plasma TV a few years ago but it has gone criminally under-used for lack of content worth watching. I’ve got it hooked up to FTA satellite but honestly find the output from British channels ever less interesting. Sherlock, Luther, The Apprentice and the odd Brian Cox or  Jim Al-Khalili science documentary – that’s about all I watch.

But now the large screen has received a new lease of life – streaming Netflix shows through my android smartphone via the MHL cable. Quality is far from HD but frankly I’m amazed at what a little mobile phone is able to crank out.

So I’m finally catching up on the Glenn Close drama Damages. What a brilliant show!

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