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Crowdsourcing a crowdfunding campaign

July 20, 2012

I know… it’s a bit crowded isn’t it. But that’s what we’re doing, at MissionV.

In a few weeks time we’ll be running a Fundit campaign to raise funds for 48+ primary schools to run the MissionV programme next term. And in the meantime we’re actively inviting input from all supporters of the project to help us run the best possible campaign.

But here’s where it gets scary. The biggest amount raised so far on Fundit was a terrific €24,375.00 for the Solar Water Disinfection project. But MissionV will be looking to raise about twice that amount. Gulp!

Are we being ridiculously ambitious? I don’t think so. We have 48 primary schools already registered to participate in next term’s programme and the feedback from those who participated last year has been amazing. There’s a real passion for teaching and learning with MissionV and with your help we can translate that passion into a successful funding campaign.